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Diamond Butterfly

What does not kill you makes you stronger. The Diamond Butterfly is a phoenix of sorts. A glorious creature faced with death and tragedy only to be reborn, more powerful, more resilient. In a series of digital collages and moving images, the artist combines the imagery of butterflies and diamonds into vibrant repetitions and crystalline structures that do more than mimic the naturally occurring patterns of our world but become an embodiment of humanity’s, and more specifically women’s, ability to overcome the wounds of the past. The artist takes from her own experience. A survivor of sexual assault, she too has been forced to overcome the experience, feelings of being broken into pieces, the feelings of isolation, and the post-traumatic stress the event left on her life. She too is a butterfly, a delicate creature forced to undergo a metamorphosis as she regains a sense of self. Like the butterfly, she has found hope on the other side of trauma. Here, she emerged like a diamond, one of the hardest substances of our natural world that simultaneously exudes immense fortitude and exquisite beauty. The Diamond Butterfly emerges from her panels stronger, shining, and more spectacular than before expressing the hope we can all find knowing we can triumph over our demons.

#sexualassualt #victim #resilience #nft #genderissue


Project: Space Out!

Date: 2022

4 Nov 2022 – 2 Jan 2023

Downtown East, Singapore

Organized by: Downtown East
Supported by: National Arts Council

Step into a world beyond what your eyes can see. Bring the mysteries of the universe closer to you as you discover new dimensions where your imagination can run free. 

What does the future world look like to you? What happens when we create our own adventure?

Space Out! is an Arts x Tech programme that brings free immersive XR and new media experiences to the public, right in their neighbourhood. 

We produced a video featuring local artists ScRach MarcS (Dance Artists), YANGERMEISTER (Multidisciplinary Artist), tobyato (Visual Artist), Fauxe (Musician) and Christine Lok (Fine Art Artist), showcasing their experience trying out VR painting for the first time. Their artworks were then showcased at Downtown East, along with 360° cinematic space videos by SpaceCinema. The public were also given a chance to try their hand at VR painting for themselves.

We also created an Augmented Reality art mural featuring work by local visual artist Joy Ho, whose piece takes audiences on a cosmic adventure through the planet Perfect Blob. 

Lastly, we presented a large-scale outdoor interactive light projection where participants can interact with falling stars and be connected with other virtual beings, created by new media studio Hologrix.


Step in and join us on a journey beyond limits with our artists spanning across different mediums and art forms. Meet Christine Lok, Fauxe, ScRach MarcS, tobyato and YANGERMEISTER! Watch how our artists unleash their creativity in this art jamming session as they experiment with VR painting and share their views on the notion of limits... In partnership with the National Arts Council (NAC), we are bringing to you a space-themed arts programme, produced by GOFY.

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