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Artist Profile

Christine Lok, a Singapore based visual artist, arts educator, and industry professional whose visual arts practice explores the intricacies of the human condition. Through a diverse body of work, her viewers are confronted with the social, psychological, and often overlooked issues faced in everyday life. 

She provide a unique and insightful look into the overlooked beauty in our daily lives. Through highlighting the subtle details of the world around us a simple beauty is revealed; the symmetry of a building, the street vendor you pass by every day, a familiar emotion expressed through abstracted line and color. The worlds she create allow the viewer to become a voyeur into lives free from societal expectations, social stigmas, and existential anxieties. Her desire for these works is to provide the viewer with a revelatory experience as they embody her perspective of what life could be.

In contrast, as she build her artistic practice, she hope to provide insight and new perspectives into deeper social issues utilizing her multidisciplinary approach. Through her art she  hope to raise awareness about the prevalence of issues concerning gender, capitalism, consumption, amongst others, in our society today.



Education and Experience

Solo Exhibition

2019 Mar                               Impression.Muar Solo Watercolour Exhibition, Muar Malaysia


Group Exhibition

2023 Mar                               Singapore Artist Representative, Dare to dream: Art Connects Women by ZeeArts at Dubai, UAE

2022 Oct                                F1 VR Sim Carnival 2022 - Visual Arts Showcase @ Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Singapore

2022 Aug                                Virtual Exhibition: Methods Of Abstractions: The Second Movement of AbstruseVisuals & Sensations by One East Asia Gallery

2022 July - Aug                      Escape Everything at UltraSuperNew Gallery, Singapore

2022 May - Sept                     The Art of Hope: Solis Breast Care and Surgery Centre (Solis) at Paragon, Singapore

2022 Mar                                 Singapore Artist Representative, Rise to Rejoice: Art Connects Women by ZeeArts at Dubai, UAE

2021 Apr                                 1st Runner-Up (Young Artist Category) @ The Collector's Award 2021: Resilience, Singapore Award

2018 May                                The Lasalle Show, Graduation Show Exhibition, Singapore

2018 Mar - May                      Vice Versa at Brother Joseph McNally Gallery, Singapore

2017 Sep                                Our Eyes Beyond The Spectacle, Brother Joseph McNally Gallery, Singapore


Working Experience

2019 - Now                             Human Resources & Administration @ Hedge Fund Headquater, Singapore

2018 Jun                                 Graphic Designer for Ted x Tanjung Emas Malaysia

2017 Jan                                 Gallery Assistant for Artist Yeo Chee Kiong @ Singapore Contemporary Art2018 Jan - Apr Art mentor @ Miro Art Studio

2017 Jan                                 Gallery Assistant for Artist Ng Yak Whee, Yeo Chee Kiong, Yoko Choi @ Singapore Art Stage

2017 Jan                                 Gallery Assistant for Artist Yeo Chee Kiong @ Singapore Contemporary Art

2016 Nov -2017 Jan               Gallery Assistant @ Art Asia X Gallery

2016                                         Gallery Assistant @ Institution of Contemporary Art, Brother McNally Gallery. Singapore

2016                                         Gallery Assistant - Liu Kang & Chen Ren Hao Artist Calligraphy & painting exhibition, Malaysia

2016                                         Art Mentor @ TheArthaus Studio


Government Project

2022 Nov                                SPACE OUT! - BEYOND THE LIMIT: VR artworks commissioned by Downtown East, sponsored by National Art Council (NAC)

2022 May - Nov                      Installation Art: A Love Letter to our Community at Our Tampines Hub: -Artist & Project Management Leader, 8k SGD fund

                                                 commissioned by National Art Council (NAC)



2022 Aug                              Art What!: Escape Everything! at UltraSuperNew Gallery by Bakchormeeboy

2022 Mar                              Talents From Across Singapore Gather To Create A Better Tomorrow For Youths At Risk With Limitless by The Ladies Cue

2021 Jul                                Artists hail Copyright Act changes, TheStraitsTime Newspaper, Singapore

2020 June                             GODOODLE: Online Guest Artist Speaking & Sharing

2020 Jul                                Art Herald - Art Magazine interviews for children’s art education

2019 Mar                               Malaysia Prestigious local Newspaper - Xin Zhou Ri Bao 星洲日报†for the Solo Watercolour Exhibition


Auction House

2022 May - Sept                   The Art of Hope: Silent Art Auction Charity @ 33Auction House

2022 March                           Limitless Art Charity @ 33 Auction House



2020 Dec - 2021 May             Studio @ Goodman Art Centre, Singapore

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